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Women Need To Toot Their Own Horn

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I met Jessica Shambora a few years ago at In Good Company. She is part of the writing team for Postcards at Fortune Magazine, and I follow her articles regularly. I recently read the article: "Gerry Laybourne Reemerges, Wisdom Intact" about an interview with Geraldine Laybroune, who created Oxygen and then recently sold it to GE. Patricia Sellers interviewed her and I loved the following quote. It inspired me as a woman and business owner and entrepreneur to push myself further up the ladder.

“Laybourne noted two areas where women aren’t too adept. “One is tooting your own horn,” she said. “Women are slaves to facts and don’t take risks as readily and trust their intuition.” She felt her own intuition blocked at Disney (DIS), where she spent a couple of years pre-Oxygen and felt that centralized control and over-analysis of ideas hampered creativity. “Eighty percent of business decisions get made on intuition,” she ventured.”

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