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Is your organization, company or group looking for an INDEPENDENT dynamic expert speaker to explain money matters on a personal level? 


Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship with colleagues, family and friends.  These seminars teach the skills needed to manage your money - without stress, guilt, or conflict. From concrete tools, to strategies for easy-to-implement systems to achieve financial health - no matter how much money saved.  


Galia Gichon has been presenting Personal Finance Seminars to corporations, organizations, national conferences, universities and freelance groups for nearly twenty years.  With an MBA in Finance, Wall Street experience and national TV and NPR appearances, she has the experience to deliver a successful presentation 


After Galia’s presentation, your attendees will be able to confidently and successfully manage their personal finances, and have more time (and money!) to do the work they love.

Galia Gichon has made featured appearances to the following:

  • Yale School of Management (CT)

  • Barnard College(NYC)

  • Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn)

  • Marymount Manhattan College (NYC)

  • Freelancers Union (Brooklyn)

  • Sacred Heart University (CT)

  • Pennsylvania Conference for Women (PA)

  • Woman’s Compass Workshop (CT)

  • Creative Live (CA)

  • New Museum Inc. Incubator (NYC)

  • Massachusetts Conference for Women (MA)

  • Her Corner Accelerator (PA/NYC)

  • PNC




Our signature topics (can create custom ones too):


Women, Empowerment and Money

Join us for an uplifting and inspiring presentation that gives women the confidence to handle their finances regardless of where they are.  By offering a unique combination of empowering exercises and practical action steps from an Independent Financial Expert, women will get EXCITED about taking control of their finances.  They might have no money saved or millions in the bank - the message is the same.  This presentation takes the fear out of dealing with budgets, investments and planning for retirement.  It’s all about changing your habits, changing your mindset to achieve financial wellness.  Galia GIchon’s 20+ years experience in the financial services industry has helped her work with thousands of women make changes in their finances and overcome obstacles to see money changes right away!

Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs 

Baffled by where your money is going? Does retirement seem unreachable? Tired of living paycheck to paycheck or just without a realistic financial plan? Stop being reactive; become proactive about your money!  This workshop is geared towards people with variable income, that work for themselves or have their own businesses.   Whether you need help getting started or you are already minding your finances but want to take it to the next level, join INDEPENDENT Personal Finance expert Galia Gichon for a personal finance seminar you can’t afford to miss!  We do NOT SELL ANY INVESTMENTS or MANAGE ANY MONEY.  


You will learn how to:

  • Get organized. See where you are today and where you want to be

  • Set realistic Financial Goals

  • Manage your credit 

  • Create a budget and spending plan that works for you

  • Develop a plan for automatic savings

  • Invest in mutual funds

  • Take the uncertainty of retirement planning and determine the best Retirement Plan for You

  • Best financial resources including apps, sites, books and ongoing tips

  • Learn how to deal with your finances in just 30 minutes a week

Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

Tackling your business finances (and personal finances) doesn't have to be painful! In fact- it can be …. FUN!


This workshop covers the finance fundamentals entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their business.  It also covers a Personal Finance checkup so they don’t stress about managing their money - all from an independent expert with 20+ years experience! Surviving and thriving as an entrepreneur, freelancer or startup requires strong financial management skills, but getting there can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially when your income is variable. Through this workshop you will learn:​

• How to set financial quantifiable goals that turn into higher profits

• Be clear about earnings, margins and revenue model

• Manage expenses

• Understand the fundamentals of successful business models

• Scaling operations

• Project realistic assumptions; key numbers to regularly track

• Determine fees and business model

• Learn about capital raise cycle from pitch decks to raising money

• Personal Financial Planning checkup


We promise you’ll leave with an action plan to get your business (and personal life) to the next level financially!  You can’t afford not to attend.


Investing for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Does saving for retirement seem challenging? Does Investing seem intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. In this workshop specialized for people with variable income, learn a few key resources about Investing to get you started immediately. Whether you plan to retire in two years or twenty, there are things you can do to get your retirement savings on track.


Galia Gichon will share key techniques for taking the stress and uncertainty out of planning for retirement and investing for it – no matter how much money you have saved.

We will cover:

  • Investing a small amount versus large amount of money

  • Understanding mutual funds: fees, performance, index funds and more

  • Which retirement plan is best for you (IRAs, 401ks etc)

  • Which mutual funds to pick for your retirement plan

  • Picking the right mix of investments – asset allocation

  • Investing for your time frame (two years or twenty) and risk tolerance

  • Picking the right firm to hold your investments and retirement plans

  • How much you should save every year to retire at a certain age

  • Consolidating old retirement plans

  • How to do your own checkups on a regular basis


This is a hands-on workshop – specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You will leave empowered and with a plan. Successfully manage your retirement, and have more time (and money!) to do the work you love.  You can’t afford not to attend – especially learning from an independent expert!


Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs


This hands-on seminar is part lecture, part intimate workshop. Your audience will enjoy a thorough knowledge exchange on all things money, particularly the key to setting oneself up for financial freedom in today’s economy. To be successful as an Entrepreneur, it is key to understand the relationship between your business finances and personal finances.  You can set goals, be clear about your earnings, manage your expenses and then carry it on to your personal life.  This also includes learning business models that turn ideas into revenue and scale.  We will cover:

  • Revenue key points

  • Expenses

  • Profit and loss statements

  • Margins

  • Entrepreneur cycle

  • Sources of capital

  • Business performance

Keep Your $20s in Your 20’s (for college students)


Are you looking to learn how to make smart financial decisions but don’t know how to start? So you are looking at your financial future and realize that you need to take a more of role in your financial life, but don’t know how to start. This class will teach the basics of money management – sound tips and tactics for saving your money and creating solid financial habits.  You will learn how to navigate the financial systems that affect your life and tips and tactics for keeping and saving your money now!  This workshop will help you gain the knowledge, tools, and good habits needed to make educated and responsible financial decisions for your 20s, 30s and beyond!

You will also learn:

  • Gain confidence to tackle your spending and create a budget

  • Learn more about financial planning and money matters

  • Start saving as soon as you are earning money (if not sooner)

  • Get comfortable with financial terms

  • Learn how to start building your credit

  • Learn basics of Investing and IRAs


For the most up to date information about current and future speaking events, visit the EVENTS page.

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