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Will Hypnosis Work To Pay Off Debt?

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how a hypnotist helped a client pay off his debts and get a better job. Or become more confident about his money. It has been traditionally used for weight loss or sleep issues, why not money? I don’t know much about hypnosis and I don’t have any clients that have used it to help solve their money issues. However, if you think that will help you change your ways, why not?

With that being said, it does bring up the point that if you want to see changes in your money, you might have to take an approach you hadn’t considered previously. One approach I like is the power of positive money affirmations. “I take the time to manage my money.” This can be viewed as helping you organize your paperwork, which is often a huge obstacle to seeing your money goals become a reality. Or scheduling an appointment with in independent fee-only financial advisor that will help simplify your investments and understand them better. Say it every day for the next week and see what happens. Who knows? You might feel hypnotic and see positive changes with your money.

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