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Why Students Need Financial Literacy

Recently, I had the privilege to lead a FINANCIAL LITERACY workshop at Berkeley Carroll High School in Brooklyn. The students asked amazing questions and took such an interest in their financial present and future! It couldn’t have been more timely to see this article in the New York Times this week about Why Students Need Financial Literacy.  If you want to bring me in to lead a workshop at your student's high school or organization- let’s chat!  The more I lead these workshops, the more I believe they should be mandatory in high school.  I’ve summarized the key points of the article.

Good news: High school students in 21 states must now take a personal finance course in order to graduate!

Personal Finance Instruction Helps Students Make Better Financial Decisions

This includes choosing less expensive college financing options, borrow more sensibly, less need to work while in college which helps complete degrees for low-income students, paying bills on time. I’ve found high school and college students learning and taking an active interest in investment apps such as Acorns, Robinhood and Betterment.

How to Reach All Students

Making personal finance instruction mandatory helps to reach students at all socioeconomic levels. Enough said.

What Can You Do?

Start talking about money in your life and share your personal experience with budgeting, saving and investing with your child!

People Are Responsible for Their Own Financial Future This is such an important lesson.  It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what your career path, whom you marry, or how much your parents earned. We are responsible for our own financial decisions, education and money management.

List of educational resources:

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