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What is Your Money Thanks?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

There is normally so much stress around money that I thought this was a good time to focus on the money parts of our lives we are thankful for.  An exercise I do in my SIMPLY MONEY course is to state your money strength such as “I am great at checking my balances online “ or “I am great at saving money automatically”.  Even if you think you are “terrible about everything money”, chances are there is something you are good at.  Which one fits your life?  If you are truly hard-pressed to find your Money Thanks - contact us at galia@downtoearthfinance.comright away for an appointment or check out “My Money Matters” kit  to guide you towards money serenity!

1)   You are thankful for being a smart spender and watching your expenses. Yes – there are many of you out there!

2)   You are thankful for earning a fabulous income.  I have a wonderful client that can corral a 6-figure + income every year – she just needs some help in the spending part.

3)   You are thankful that you own your home and you love living there.

4)   You are thankful you have an IRA or 401k.  You may not understand everything that is in it but you own it and contribute to it regularly.

5)   You are thankful you have an emergency savings account. It may not be the 3 or 6 months of expenses you should have but it is there and growing steadily.

6)   You are thankful that you do not have any cre.dit car.d

7)   You are thankful that you pay your bills on time and do not pay any late fees.

8)   You are thankful that you want to take the time to learn about your investments and are seeking out ways to do so.

9)   You are thankful that you are making your money a priority by reading this newsletter, being a client of Down-to-Earth Finance, attending one of our seminars or owning “My Money Matters” kit.

10) You are thankful that you are going to take your money by the reins before the end of 2009 and not overspend this holiday season!

Please share with me your thanks if it wasn’t on this list.  Before I share my money thanks, I am incredibly thankful that I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful healthy fun children.  I am super thankful that I have a business that I am passionate about and get to meet very interesting and fulfilling clients. I am thankful that I am on top of my investments, keep my investing fees super low and did not lose that much money in 2008 because I was properly diversified.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  



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