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Want to Trade Stocks?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

I am not a big stock trader and prefer to stick to mutual funds. However, once in a while a company comes along that I have to buy and hold for a long time - years. Since I like to keep my costs as low as possible, I wanted to share the commission fees for some of the popular large brokers. Caution: some of these firms might not offer much else besides low commission rates. But if that is all you are after, than check it out.

SogoInvest ( $3.00 per trade TradeKing ( $4.95 per trade Banc of America ( $5.00 per trade Firstrade ( $6.95 per trade Scottrade ( $7.00 per trade E*Trade ( $9.99 per trade TD Ameritrade ( $9.99 per trade

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