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Top 10 Money Apps for Blackberry or iPhone

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Some of the women in my SIMPLY MONEY group have gotten creative!. One woman posted to the group if anyone knew an expense tracking application for her Blackberry and her fiance's iPhone. Within minutes, Darlene offered this site: which listed 50 useful financial apps for your Blackberry or iPhone.

Here's my favorite 10: 1) iCalc Mortgage Calculator: With this mortgage calculator, you can figure out how much your payments will be on a new mortgage, or just find out how your current payment can change. 2) GridMagic: Use GridMagic’s spreadsheets to create your own budgets and calculations on the BlackBerry. 3) BlackBerry Wallet: Use this BlackBerry application to store financial information like credit card numbers, logins, and gift cards securely on your BlackBerry. 4) Mobile Checkbook: Keep track of your account balance using this mobile checkbook application. 5) Bill Log: With this BlackBerry app, you can manage your monthly bills and due dates. 6) JabpLite: Keep track of your finances on your BlackBerry with this app that allows you to track multiple accounts, investments, and regular transactions. The application also offers future balance and net worth calculations. 7) Buxfer: Buxfer is a useful tool for social finance, allowing you to split bills, track what your friends owe, and more. iPhone 8) QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks users can take advantage of this app that will allow you to check your accounts, balances, and more. 9) Wesabe: Using Wesabe, you’ll be able to look up account balances and recent transactions. The app also allows you to enter transactions, so you can see how everything adds up. 10) Quote Sheet: Put Quote Sheet to work, and you can send customers estimates for work while you’re on the go.

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