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TIPS TO SAVE Your Spending

If life has changed (enter child, house and economy here) for you and money matters more than it ever has – figure out which of these TIPS can be applied to your life.  The complete article with LOTS of tips is on the post.

Figure Out Finances

• Know the key numbers when saving for your child’s college education. It’ll help decide if you should save for private or public university.  Find out what you should be saving using this easy-to-use online calculator.

Ways to Save

• Stop paying for cable TV or DVR. Check out and watch your favorite TV shows for free. • Examine your warranties and insurance. For example, do you have cell phone insurance? Are you paying extra for car or home repair warranties that you aren’t using? Check out quarterly bills and automatic payments on your credit cards.  You probably don’t even notice the extra or automatic expenses you are paying. • Use a simple surge protector with an on/off switch. Plug your TV, DVD player, and whatever else you can into it. Turn it off when you’re not using it to save money and the environment. • Don’t buy everything in bulk. It’ll save you money on prescription drugs, milk, eggs, butter, gas, wine, beer, liquor and toilet paper.  Everything else has huge profit margins that won’t save you that much.  Plus they’re counting on your impulse purchases!

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