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Sane Holiday Money

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The last few weeks have been so busy because I have been selling "MY MONEY MATTERS" boxed set of cards at holiday shows and other seminars. The response has been amazing. The FR.EE shipping is going to end soon, so please take advantage of this offer. Just because the holiday season is upon us does not mean we have a blank check to spend spend spend. Through out the year, I am collecting tips to keep your money in check during the holidays. Some of them are a great reminder that you have already seen and some are new.

1) Stay away from store gift cards. I keep reading that millions of dollars on these gift cards go unspent because most of us forget about the small balances. I am guilty of this as well!

2) GET YOUR FAMILY INVOLVED. Talk to your family about your list and sticking to a budget. Taper their expectations and people will only spend what they can afford. It is a conversation definitely worth having. Set new rules. For example, agree that all family members will cap their spending at $50 per gift or only buy for the kids. It may take some planning, but it can be successful.

3) HOW ABOUT A MAGAZINE? Send subscriptions to magazines as gifts. They aren't that expensive ($12-25 per year) and the gift keeps giving all year long. I love my Oprah and Money Magazine that comes every month.

4) SALES ADD UP. Keep in mind that just because you find something on sale or at an outlet mall, it doesn't mean that you can buy more. Plus, it still costs you something.

5) What is your total dollar number that you can afford to spend on gifts this holiday season (REALISTICALLY)? Start with that number and then work backwards. Making a list of who to buy for and what to buy is one of the smartest and money-savvy ideas I could have thought of. It keeps my spending under control.

6) Use ONLY cash this holiday.

7) Extra frequent flier miles? Then “buy” a flight for a family member or close friend. The airlines keep getting more strict on their flight dates and travel. While it might not seem like you spent any money, it makes a greatly appreciated gift. You can also buy other items with miles such as magazine subscriptions or hotel rooms.

8) BALANCE YOUR CHECKBOOK WEEKLY during the holiday season. It will keep you focused on your finances during this hectic time.

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