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Reward Yourself

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I am finding that more and more the traditional way of taking control of our money does not always work. It sounds cheap and dirty but maybe this is what we need to resort to for seeing results in your bank account.

For every $1,000 dollars you save, treat yourself at the spa. Or buy that new $100 purse you had your eye on. Yes, you are spending $100, but you also have $1,000 saved in a hard-to-reach account you probably wouldn’t have saved.

Rest more. When we are going going going non-stop, we spend our money more unconsciously. Take ½ hour each day to plan your purchases, make decisions about your bills and overall be less stressed about the big financial issues in your life (i.e. new job, paying bills, your 401k).

Find a buddy. There is no question that you are going to stick to your spending plan better when there is someone to hold you accountable. It’s your choice if you pick the friend who will kick your butt or the friend in a similar situation as you. Regardless, you are more apt to see results when you are NOT doing it by yourself.

Weigh in everyday. Instead of going on the scale every day, open an envelope every day, check a savings balance, look up a mutual fund. Don’t get obsessed with it but by facing your finances everyday, you are also getting in the habit of bringing money into your life on a regular basis. Part of the reason we need a motivator is that we have been ignoring our money for too long.

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