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Recession Defensive Strategies

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Maybe you are feeling the "recession" and maybe you are just reading about it in the paper. Regardless, it can't hurt to implement some recession defensive strategies. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Hone your networking skills - regardless of your job or even if you are a stay at home Mom. I have seen lately women really hone their networking skills. This includes carrying business cards with them at all times, attending more networking events (professional and business) and taking advantage of social networking sites (like LinkedIn).

2) I have worked with many women who have dogs and have splurged the last few years on "doggy day care" and dog groomers. This luxury is one of the first to go these days. Find a local high school student or consider sharing dog walking duties with a friend or neighbor

3) In terms of eating out, a big part of most budgets, many women are electing to eat out at less expensive restaurants. It used to be the norm to meet at the latest trendy restaurant but now many women are focusing on keeping the total bill less than $30-40.

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