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"Jewish Week" Money Article

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I was interviewed recently for an article in the "Jewish Week".

The reporter asked me a few specific questions about Jewish women and money. I believe that the answers relate to most women as well but it gives a good insight to some of the traditions Jewish women have dealt with in the past, especially when it comes down to money.

“There’s this stereotype that if I don’t have an MBA or a finance degree, I just can’t understand it,” Galia Gichon says. “And that’s absolutely not true.”

I truly believe that!

The article also featured Barbara Stanny, author of “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.” Her money advice urges women to identify their dysfunctional relationship with their finances and learn to respect their money. I love it. If you haven't read any of Stanny's books, pick one up today!

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