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Personal Finance Apps

The last two weeks, I have had many requests asking for the latest or best personal finance apps for your iPhone, iPad or other phone. Here is my latest list based on use, clients experiences, and research (thanks to and  I've listed a few here.

Mint. This site is still the personal finance winner overall.  Having millions of users doesn't hurt keeping them on their toes with updating technology and security.  They now have a way for you to track cash.

Pageonce. Seems to offer the same as but more features such as travel related information, cell phone minutes tracker, email alerts, and comprehensive bill paying system.

This app is for you business owners that want a business-oriented tool and will help with tax records and syncing to your American Express card as well.

For those of you that don't want your financial information online, this is a simple streamlined way to finally keep to that spending plan!   A refreshingly simple way of tracking your spending by category.

Also, you don't want to keep your financial info so readily available but those constant reminders sure could help you pay your bills on time.

This is another app that lets you perform a budget without the bells and whistles.  Great design.

This is THE personal finance app for Android users!  Includes: speedy transaction inputs, bill notifications, graphs to help you analyze and chart your past and future spending and much more.  The tools for photographing receipts and importing data seem very useful.  30 day trial.  

This offers a sweeping view of all your accounts and transactions.  One huge benefit is that it is compatible with PCs, for you non-Mac users.

I love this app.  For you comparison shoppers, this app let's you instantly compare prices right when you are shopping.  Just don't use it to shop more!

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