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Ode to Canadian Women

I just got back from speaking at a truly motivating conference in Southern Canada, right near the Michigan border.  If your community or organization needs money motivation, contact me about speaking to your group.  I had no idea what to expect, as I was not familiar with the area or the group.  They had seen me on TV and loved my message about “Bringing Money into your conversation and community”.  They were asking for that message and presentation to motivate their female community to change their money habits.  The purpose of this Women’s Conference in Ontario was to bring communication and networking to smalls towns that aren’t accustomed to that mindset.  Money is a huge frontier for them.

I was welcomed warmly and spent quality time with a group of beautiful and smart women; hockey moms, instead of our soccer moms.  While they have the same needs as American women, there were some differences.  Many did not know their FICO credit score, but most of the large group was amazing savers! Most were not familiar with online banking and online budgeting sites such as but most were homeowners and truly open to changing their money habits for the better.  I have not worked with such an open group in a long time.

During conversations, I kept hearing about their unique ways to save.  Such as one woman who saved new dollar bills.  She started doing this when her son was born to commemorate his birth year.  12 years later, she was still doing it!  Another focused on buying organic dairy and meat from local farmers so she could feed her family healthy but still keep within her budget.   I also heard amazing tales of survival that still gives me goose bumps.  This is not a group to be reckoned with – they are survivors.  Many divorced women and single moms that created financially successful businesses. Also many women focused on teaching their children (and grandchildren) about taking charge of their money, creating solid saving habits and learning about investments.

As I was leaving, I quickly chatted with a group of women wanting to start their own money book club – each month motivating to read a different personal finance book and discussing it for empowerment. I gave them a year’s worth to start!  Thank you to the women of Chatham, Canada for a memorable experience!  If your community or organization needs money motivation, contact me about speaking to your group.

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