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Need Help Defining Your Goal?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I have been doing a lot of speaking these last few months and have another 6  seminars just before the end of the year! One issue that seems to keep coming up is that we know we want to do something different with our money but we aren’t sure how to get clear about the goal and define it. I created this exercise based on where you are in your life. While some of you may fit into more than one category, it will help seeing your life stage and then following the money steps right after. If you are questioning if you should even look for your goal below, think about that in 2008, women still only earned 77 cents to every $1 a man earned, according to the new TIME Magazine study on Women. For even more help, check out “My Money Matters” kit.

If you are just starting out in the workforce, your goals might include:

· Set up an emergency savings account with at least three months’ worth of expenses

· Start contributing to your 401(k)

· Start saving for a down payment on a home

If you just got married, your goals might include:

· Merge your bank and investment accounts. You don’t have to do them all but start with one or two. It is an excellent exercise in money communication.

· Change the beneficiaries on your investment accounts

· Create joint money goals

If you have investments, your goals might include:

· Schedule an appointment with a financial planner

· Take a personal finance class

· Make sure your investments are properly diversified

· Research the fees you are paying on your investments

If you just had a child, your goals might include:

· Redo your budget

· Create a will

· Set up a college savings account

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