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My Money Thanks

I ran this topic for a newsletter a few years ago and got such a warm response from clients and readers.  PLEASE share your MONEY Thanks on FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, TWITTER and my blog as well!

My first THANKS is for the health of my family and loved ones.  Incredibly important and not taken for granted but this newsletter focuses on MONEY thanks.

1) I am thankful my family and loved ones stayed safe during Hurricane Sandy.

2) I am thankful my family has an emergency savings account because my husband and I could not work during the week of the Hurricane.

3) I am thankful I can save for my children's college education.

4) I am thankful I am contributing to my SEP IRA this year.

5) I am thankful that we could afford vacations this year including Disney World, Paris, Jersey Shore, Skiing and FL to visit my family.  Traveling is a priority for me.  I cut back other areas as a result.

6) I am super thankful that my clients are saving, investing, adding to their IRAs, owning homes, creating wills and becoming conscious of their spending.

7) I am thankful I have loving, generous and interesting clients who value my services.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Love -


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