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Money Savvy Moms

"Smart is Beautiful".  This was my introduction by Nicole Feliciano at a Momtrends event I spoke at last week - their annual beauty event.  As we know but need a reminder, beauty is inside and out and if we don't feel beautiful about our money situation, no face cream or blowout will help! Valerie Monroe of O magazine was the main speaker.

Caryn Effron of GogirlFinance invited me - a great website for instilling money confidence for women - check them out.

Everyone I met that night was inspiring, funny and admirable - smart mom bloggers including Bump to Bean,Mom Most TraveledStroller Ballet and Triple Threat Mommy.  Michal Levison at Bump to Bean summarized my presentation excellently here.  We also became kindred friends instantly when we realized we both subscribed to the same MOMMY MATH- which she wrote so eloquently!

My walkaway from the evening is that these smart motivated women are not taking care of themselves enough.  While they are working super hard to provide for their families, they are focused on saving more for their children's college education INSTEAD of opening a spousal IRA or SEP IRA for themselves.  I do admire and relate to wanting to provide college savings for our children, but won't you be doing your children a disservice if you don't have enough saved for retirement and need to depend on them in your later years?

To your financial success.....


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