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Money Mobile Apps for Blackberry

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Let's face it, most of us are on our Blackberry or iPhone. I know I am constantly checking mine. In fact, my little 4 year old asks me “Did you get any new emails Mommy?” Rather than focus on the negatives of the Blackberry, I am excited to tell you about new Money Apps for your Blackberry that will make your money life easier, more efficient and more likely to save more money!

Personal Assistant. Free This app lets you view all your financial accounts, frequent flier accounts, bill dates, Netflix, Ebay and much more – all on once screen. The list of providers you can use are endless.

Mobile Checkbook. $7.99 Believe it or not, there are some of us that like to record every transaction. If you have ever had trouble keeping track of your bank account balance, then this BlackBerry checkbook application is for you! But if you are the majority who do not like to record transactions but you know you should, then check this one out. Plus it can be imported to Quicken.

Mortgage Calculator Pro📷. $7.99 Maybe you are thinking that you don’t need this one? Do you have any interest in buying a home? Refinancing a home? Buying a home for an investment property? Make a decision about your finances and these big decisions instantly with this app. The majority of clients we work with have questions, aspirations or issues with home finance. Remember, you can always take this app off once you have bought your dream home.

More to come soon!

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