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Money Mama

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I was recently interviewed on “Hip Slope Mama” about “The Cost of Raising Kids”. The article contains great questions and helpful answers with resources for all parents and couples dealing with money. Read the full article here: “Hip Slope Mama”

1) What are some of the not so obvious costs that new parents should be aware of?

2) There are website calculators on how to figure out what a working mom's salary is "really" worth after the deductions for marriage tax penalties, lost pay, work-related and child care expenses, extra dinners out, business wardrobe, etc. What would you consider the most optimal situations that would sway a working mom to consider staying at home?

3) Does saving for your kids college trump saving for retirement?

4) Do you have any key financial tips to save money for infants and young children?

5) When are kids old enough to start learning the value of money? How can we as parents start teaching kids about money?

6) Do you have any tips to help spouses get on the same page about financial goal setting?

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