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Mini-Course: Woman's Compass Forum

We put together a mini version of the Woman’s Compass Forum that is chock full of tips and practical action steps.  Just getting through this version will give you a head start on your personal finances, legal health and mind body wellness. Want a copy of the mini-course? Send me an EMAIL and we’ll send it right back to you! If you want more accountability, a workbook, LIVE webinars and more, sign up for the full version of Woman’s Compass Course starting Oct 6!

Mini-version of Woman’s Compass Forum

1) FIVE Different Ways to Budget and Spend Smarter. Not everyone budget fits every personality. That’s why I put together FIVE different ways to budget.  Find the one that works for you. Or try all of them and see what happens.  I worked with a couple today that are great savings and smart spenders and we found extra money in their budget for them to start saving.  Especially during COVID.

2) Questions to ask yourself about your personal finances.  I put these together after some of my own soul searching. If you can answer all these questions- you are in GREAT shape.  Let me know your journey.

3) Do you have the complete list of personal records do you need to keep track of? We have it here too!

4) What is your complete list of legal and financial documents? We have it here too!

5) 3 Things you have to do for your legal documents.

6) WHY SLEEP is so important!

7) How to get better sleep in a healthy way.

8) Understanding why better sleep can give you the tools to deal with your money and legal situation.

Want a more powerful voice? Start by gaining control over the most essential areas of your life -- personal finance, legal health, and mind/body wellness. Want to be part of a community of empowered women? Register now for Woman’s Compass Forum. Our next 3-month online course starts Oct 6!

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