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Last Minute Tax Tips

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Chances are many of you have already filed your taxes and even gotten your refunds already! Good for you.  Now, there are the rest of us.  I just got my paperwork to my accountant and expect to file on April 15th!  The tax laws have changed quite a bit over the last year, especially with the stimulus plan.  While your accountant is most likely aware of all these changes, it can’t hurt to confirm you are getting all the deductions you can.  Here are many ways you could potentially cut your taxes for actions taken in 2009, as found in Money magazine.

1.)    You bought a house especially if you are a first-time home buyer. 2.)    You have a child in college. 3.)    You bought a new car. 4.)    You were out of work and collected unemployment, looked for a job or paid full payments of health insurance. 5.)    You donated to help those in Haiti – and other places. 6.)    You lost money in the stock market. 7.)    You made energy efficient renovations. 8.)    You didn’t itemize but own your home or another for investment purposes. 9.)    You moved for a new job.

Don’t forget about deductions for your financial advisor or even a safe deposit box.  I’m not an accountant and recommend you have one that you have an open relationship with.  Now, when you do get that refund money, be sure to put some of it away and don’t spend it all on your next vacation.      

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