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Invest Without Leaving Your Pantry

For those of you uncomfortable with the idea of sending your money to unknown waters, my other feature on DailyWorth discusses an idea that might make potential foreign investors feel more at home.

Few of your favorite products are made in America, as you know.  You may buy cars from Japan or Korea, or trendy hair products from Morocco.

Given the investing credo, “Buy what you know,” consider the international opportunities that are sitting on your shelf. Note: we’re not recommending you invest in these products—but investors today need to know what’s on the global horizon.

Argan oil is from Morocco and it’s found in many hair and skin-care products lately. Lesieur Cristal SA is a publicly traded Moroccan company that distributes argan oil.

Coconut water is considered a natural, low-calorie Gatorade substitute sourced from Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. V V Food and Beverage Co. is a publicly traded Chinese company that distributes it worldwide.

Bamboo, a sustainable resource, is used for flooring, clothing, and multitude of home accessories. The majority of bamboo is imported from Asia. Asian Bamboo is a publicly traded German company that imports it from China.

Goody, goody. What products do you love enough to invest in?

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