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Import Some Brazilian Wealth

I was recently featured on DailyWorth regarding Brazil's market being a great place for foreign investment. I wanted to share my thoughts on Brazil with you as well.

Brazil: the land of Carnival, white sand beaches, World Cup soccer—and the world’s sixth-largest economy, ripe for investors.

Brazil’s economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world—especially after recent government reforms. And thanks to its low consumer and government debt, Brazil’s credit rating was recently upgraded.

Need more reasons why you should consider it a crucial part of your IRA?

Brazil is rich in natural resources like oil, ethanol, and iron ore. Brazil is a key supplier to countries like China in building bridges and roads, and manufacturing consumer goods (think: all the stuff you buy at Target).

Dilma Rousseff, the current prez, is the third most powerful woman leader in the world (behind only Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, according to Forbes). And she’s dedicated to fighting corruption.

Check out a Brazilian ETF, or a global or developing markets mutual fund with a high geographical allocation to Brazil. Consider making it part of your emerging markets strategy and including it in your international allocation.

Blame it on Rio. Which international markets are you invested in? Comment below and share your investment strategies.

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