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How to Save Money at Starbucks

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I admit it. I drink Starbucks all the time, especially when I am writing my newsletters or other articles. I ended up subscribing to their Wi-Fi service (T-Mobile) very begrudgingly and paying a monthly flat fee of $29.95. It pained me to do so but it seemed the only option. While I am not a fan of gift cards, I recently found out that you can get free Wi-Fi with a prepaid Starbucks card (up to two hours a day). I signed up right away. In New York City, it is hard to find free Wi-Fi, so I am already saving money! The key is not to put too much on the card - and only buy one Latte a week. You also get free refills on brewed coffee which comes to a substantial savings.

Since I sent this out to my newsletter, I was also informed that Panera Breads has free Wi-Fi. Thanks for the tips!

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