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How to Improve Your Self Care and Money

Every day I have conversations with my clients about their money fears or just how they are ignoring it. I can definitely help with teaching and practical money advice. But what I’ve learned from the Woman’s Compass Forum course is there are so many self-care methods to help alleviate those fears too. I’m sharing those today! We already have a great group of women signed up for the Woman’s Compass Forum course. It starts 9/8 but the early bird price ends 8/25!

Don’t understand your investments?

We get the statements, not sure how to read them and overwhelmed by the choices.

  • Start with downloading a mediation app and commit to doing it first thing in the morning. I love Ten Percent Happier. THEN....

  • Make sure your investments are in as few places as possible.

  • Sign up for an investing class.

  • If you work with a financial planner- schedule an appointment with them and make sure they explain every single investment your own.

Is Your Budget out of control?

This is a big one that most people feel and causes them to stress every time they are spending money!

  • Start by drink 2 glasses of water with lemon first thing in the morning.

  • Consider a natural hydrating powder. Most of us are dehydrated and sick of drinking so much water. Michelle recommends this powder and I love it! Goodonya Hydrate THEN....

  • Save your grocery list on Instacart or Fresh Direct. I’ve done that the last few weeks and have saved on my weekly shopping.

  • I’ve also gotten rid of some of my streaming that I’m not watching as much.

Buying a house or paying down your mortgage faster?

This can be really stressful. You want to own a home and it feels like you will never save enough for your down payment. Or your 30-year mortgage seems it will take forever to pay down.

  • Start by picking the first thing that you feel most compelled to change (sleep, hydration, mindfulness, movement, and healthy eating) and I guarantee that you will see shifts in the other areas as well.

  • THEN... Open a savings account just for your down payment. Consider or which are paying a little more than your local bank. My clients that organize their savings- end up saving more! Also, consider opening an ACORNS account for your down payment. You won’t miss the money.

  • To pay your mortgage down faster, consider splitting your mortgage into two payments, that itself can take years off your mortgage term. Or just add $100 to your payment automatically which will also shorten the term.

Want these results for yourself? And create your own community? Register for Woman’s Compass Forum starting Sept 8!

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