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How to Feel Calmer About Your Money

One way to feel calmer about your money is to attend our upcoming Woman’s Compass Forum course   Starts Oct 6th!  I was on the phone with a client this morning that always seems to be so together. You know the type I’m talking about. She revealed she’s been so anxious about her money - even though she doesn’t need to be. She isn’t wealthy mind you, but has a great business and saved a good amount of money. We went through these points and she FELT CALMER! 

1) Know Your Numbers. 

I know I keep saying this but I’ve been working with so many financial planning clients and just seeing all their assets/investments/accounts in one spreadsheet or one place makes them feel calmer about where they want to go.

2) Run Your Retirement Forecast. 

Do you know how much you should be saving every year so you can retire at age 65, at age 70? Even if you can’t retire (Many of my clients can’t!) what is the number you can live on to work part-time? I customize this in my workshops and for clients but love this financial calculator as well.

3) Get More Sleep.  

When you are anxious about your money (who isn’t?) then you don’t sleep as well which turns into a vicious cycle. One attendee in the Woman’s Compass Forum course said Michelle’s sleep advice helped her get the first good night’s sleep in years! Sleep is just one component and Michelle covers much more in the Woman’s Compass Forum course

4) Update your Estate Plan. 

Do you have enough life insurance? Is your will updated? Do you need to set up a trust? Have you confirmed your health care directives? Are your children over 18? If so, what are you doing with their health care directives? Want more info? Tune into Margie’s part of the Woman’s Compass Forum course.

5) Get a New Card.  

Yes, I’m telling you that. A client of mine is mostly shopping at Whole Foods and Amazon now so I suggested the Amazon card for her to get discounts and cashback.  Since so much of our budget is spent on groceries these days, look at these cards for supermarket savings:

6) Money Affirmations.

I published them in my first book “My Money Matters” and still use them in EVERY course I teach!

"Surround yourself with positive money people” “I am an active participant in my finances” “I am ready to change my money habits and take responsibility for my financial actions” “By respecting my finances, I enrich all my relationships”

Want empowerment, accountability, and community around your personal finances, legal health, and self-care? Want these results for yourself? Register for Woman’s Compass Forum course starting Oct 6! 

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