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How to Create a Money Community

I had an A-HA moment this week in week 1 of Woman’s Compass Forum. It was during my presentation on Personal Finance.  Money community is integral to our personal financial growth (as well as other areas of our lives). I’ll share HOW below. If you are wondering- it isn’t too late to register for the Woman’s Compass Forum. We have women from all over the US and even Australia. 11 more LIVE webinars to go plus you get the recordings for all of them. There is also a new workbook we created for the course.  Register Here.

We don’t have to handle our personal finances alone. We can be in charge and control but creating a community is integral to our financial empowerment.

During the webinar this week, so many got on the video call excited to be there, see old friends, meet new ones, share money tips, goals, and stories with many women they NEVER met.  You didn’t have to share and you definitely didn’t have to share any personal information.  But the universal feedback was that they were energized to learn about their money and do something about it!  For more tips and actual results already, see here: Tuesday Takeaways

We created accountability partners.

We had gotten feedback from the last course that some of the women wanted to get to know each other, network their business, and keep each other on track with all their goals during the course. This was someone to check in with and put an intention that you are moving forward. Share as little or as much as you like but don’t feel compelled to share details. It can be simple texts, emails, phone calls, or zoom.  Guess what? Most of the women in the course jumped up and asked for a partner. We are hungry for community and support to help us meet our goals.  

What is your ONE action step? Who are you sharing it with?

To see the participant action steps- go HERE

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