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How Can I Get Better Organized?

I was recently asked about organizing all those pesky little passwords that are essential to your online virtual finance world.  Everything from mint to frequent flyer miles to banking to your IRAs.  How do you keep track?  Does an excel spreadsheet work? What if you don't know how to use excel?

I asked my good friend and colleague, Erica Ecker, a professional organizer, her advice.  As usual it was on the spot, super helpful, gets you organized right away and in easy virtual arm's reach of your important data.  You can also check out this handy new app from DIVA CFO for organizing your documents.  

1) DON'T...Use an excel document.  

2) LOW-TECH SOLUTIONBuy a small address book like this one.  Stash it away in the back of a desk drawer or box that is within arm's reach of your computer.  If you want to store your Chase Bank info, turn to the "C" section of address book and write "Chase" there and add all your important info - your password, your username and any other salient info. 3) HIGH-TECH SOLUTIONThe site can help you 

You can access it from a phone or computer.  Confidential info is encrypted and all you need to remember is one password.

Erica recommends picking a phrase that you love and then using the first letter (i.e. "Four score and seven year ago" Would translate to FSASYA).  And something like that could be the only ONE password you have to remember.

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