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Girl Power

My newsletter last week had given suggestions on questions to ask your financial planner. One of my clients, Danielle Cyr, pointed out the following comment:

Wanted to make a gentle suggestion that you refer to a financial planner as "she" in the future (all my law school professors would refer to judges as "she" - this was 15 years ago and highly unusual at the time based on anecdotal evidence).  Here's to girl power!

Danielle D. Cyr, Esq. Legal Recruiter AMERICAN Legal Search, LLC tel: 212.984.1086 efax: 214.889.1086 email:, URL:

Danielle is absolutely right! One way women can take charge of their finances is by working with other women financial educators, professionals, planners and others. It is a way to feel more comfortable about our money and the people that are helping us spend smarter and learn more about investing. If you want to learn more about investing, register for the upcoming FREE TELECLASS: "7 SECRETS TO SMART INVESTING" on Tuesday, August 14th here:

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