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Getting a Handle on Your Budget This New Year

Don’t deal with your money woes alone!  Find a friend or family member that will help you keep on track with your new budget.  By tackling this money habit change with a buddy, you are much more likely to see success and actually keep to your new spending plan.  You can also make it fun by creating a savings contest.  The first person to save $1,000 gets taken out to dinner by the other!  Another option is to sign up for a multi-week class or work with a financial coach.  The accountability makes a huge difference in following through with your money goals.

Another great way to keep to your budget is to focus on your career in a proactive way.  This could be in taking a new class, looking for a consulting project, simply asking for a raise or networking to look for a new job.  In working with my clients, I have found that when they are passionate about their career and seeing professional success, this seeps into their personal finances and causes them to be more conscious of their spending, excited about saving for the future and aware of where their money is going.

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