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Galia gives advice to Savvy Auntie

Originally posted on Savvy Auntie - check out the article HERE

Holiday Budget Crunch? 10 Apps for Budgeting Now, Auntie!

Retailers are already stocking their shelves with holiday decor and gifts. Savvy Aunties always want to make the holidays special for their little snowflakes, but these economic times can really make that more challenging. Here are some savvy applications for an auntie’s smart phone or tablet that could make budgeting in time for the holidays much easier. Here are my favorites:

Mint The personal finance winner overall

Pageonce Same as mint but more features i.e. travel-related info.

ProOnGo For business owners.

Mvelopes For those that don’t want financial info online. A refreshingly simple way of tracking your spending by category.

BillMinder Constant reminders to help you pay your bills on time.

Pennies Perform a budget without the bells and whistles.

EasyMoney THE personal finance app for Android users.

Pocket Money Sweeping view of all your accounts and transaction.

Save Benjis Compare prices right when shopping.  Just don’t shop more!

Morningstar To track your mutual funds/investments.

Expenditures This app is just for tracking expenses and income. However, they have made it much more FUN with features such as photo, sound and very user friendly screens.  

Finally - Your bank To keep an eye on cash flow. Many banks now have their own apps!

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