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Galia Gichon Quoted in Teen Vogue

When Teen Vogue originally contacted me about an interview for help with a financial planning article - I was a bit confused.  Teen Vogue was not my usual market.  By the time I got off the phone with Sierra Tishgart (Twitter @sierratishgart), I was so excited about "speaking" to this group.  She also shared that many of Teen Vogue’s readers are recent college graduates.  A prime time to start your career on the right money track.  I wish someone had shared these tips with me when I was in college....

Some tips I shared:

1) "No matter how little your budget is, it's never too early to start a budget or spending plan"

2) Use apps to track your spending habits. " is an excellent app to look at where your money went the prior month," says Galia. "You can get a snapshot of your spending history. There are also a lot of apps like Pennies and You Need a Budget. Each time you spend, you can plug it into your phone and keep a tally."

3) Plan ahead. "A lot of students want to travel, whether it's for spring break or a semester abroad," says Galia. "If you save $50 a month towards that, it shows your parents that you're taking on responsibility towards planning towards a future goal. You're communicating about money with your parents, which is something that students often don't do." and were two great sites that were also mentioned.

To your financial success-


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