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Frustrated by High Gas Prices?

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Have you met Randye Kaplan? Many of you do not know that I have a wonderful person working with Down-to-Earth Finance almost two years now, Randye. She has as much financial experience as myself and has a wonderful way with clients. Send her an e-mail at I have also scheduled a one night only LIVE seminar in New York for June 30th. More to come. Gas prices always rise in the summer but not as high as the 25% increase we are seeing now. I found a few helpful tips in Real Simple to keep your gas bill as low as possible this summer.

Are you frustrated by high gas prices? They probably aren’t going down anytime soon. Gas prices always rise in the summer but not as high as the 25% increase we are seeing now.

1) One thing you can do is check out By entering your zip, you can find one of the least expensive fill-up stations in your neighborhood. Just don’t drive 50 miles to get there.

2) Empty Your Trunk. Believe it or not, many New Yorkers use their car as a storage space: golf clubs, ski equipment, even winter clothes. However, many of you outside of New York tend not to empty out your car as often as you should. Are you still hauling that case of diet coke from Costco around? Take a few minutes, clean out your car and you car won’t have to work as hard, thereby saving gas.

3) Do Research on Cars. When it’s time to buy a car, it seems obvious that buying a hybrid will save you money and the environment. But there are lots of other cards that are fuel-efficient. Visit and you can learn about other car models that might suit your needs better.

4) 5 minutes = $50 dollars. Sounds good, doesn’t it? There are three things you can do that will take you five minutes each and can save you at least $50. Check your oil, check your air filter and check your tire pressure. All these things can cause your car to run more fuel efficient.

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