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Find Savings in Your Wallet

Many of my readers on Finance) newsletter sent in GREAT tips and ways to take advantage of card memberships in your wallet.

Here are a few to save more money!

"When booking our flights, my daughter found that by clicking on "airline/rental car" instead of just "airline" we were charged around $265 each (for airfare AND car) ... booking the airline ticket alone would have been from $700 (with stops) to over $1,000. (nonstop) - through Travelocity. So .... we secured two round-trip, nonstop airfares AND rental car (four days) for far less than one airfare would have been. A substantial discount was also experienced when selecting "airline/hotel" instead of airfare only. I believe these were found in a "specials" area of their website." Karen, Colorado

"International travel tip: I recently got a Capital One cre.dit card (with non-airline-specific miles and no annual fee) because they don't charge the 2-3% "international charge" that most other credit cards charge. BIG savings!" Martrese, New York

"Discounts based on specific cre.dit cards, like American Express. Also, for individuals over 50, AARP member discounts abound at hotels and car rental companies." Bettina, New York

"My daughter bought her new car through Costco's car-buying program. You pay a flat $500 more than wholesale. Costco sends you to a dealer. Yes, the dealer tried to slide in some extra charges like floor mats, but my daughter took me along and we were insistent that the dealer stick to the deal. It worked very well. She drove away in her new car in 4 days from contacting Costco." Martha, Connecticut

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