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Face Your Finances

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan"

Eleanor Roosevelt

Why Face Your Finances?

When I was writing the curriculum for my Creative Live course "Personal Finance for Artists and Freelancers", I wanted to start with helping the participants think differently about their money.  I realized that you, and the seminar attendees, will never move forward with money success unless you Face Your Finances.  To see an excerpt of the class on video, see here:

There are the obvious reasons such as growing your savings, spending smarter and planning for retirement.  If you are reading this, chances are you have taken steps to deal with your finances but are stuck or not sure what to do next.  This article can help you Face Your Finances and overcome your money obstacles.

Why Bother?

When thinking about your money, you ideally want to create a lifetime of healthy money habits.  If you focus on your habits, rather than the outcome, your money goals will be more likely to happen.

Power of Time

Regardless of where you are, take advantage of the power of time on your side.  Many of my clients or seminars attendees focus on the mistakes they've made in the past, what they haven't saved or investing markets they've missed out on.  Stop where you are, focus on today and move forward.  Obviously, some of our time frames are shorter than others but we all can make a plan.


A huge benefit of Facing Your Finances is the increase in confidence you will start to see.  I have seen it over and over.  My clients that face their finances, regardless of the specific dollar signs, see more confidence in their personal and professional lives.  They see more personal and professional success and increased self-esteem.  Isn't that a benefit we all want?

If this articles motivates you, you can own a 3 day course of "Personal Finance for Artists and Freelancers"  for much more.

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