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Everyone Needs a Will

In my recent SIMPLY MONEY class, we talked about wills and different types of insurance. It is amazing how many people think they don’t need a will. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, if you have any type of money saved or own a home or have any types of assets (i.e. art), you need a will. Besides a will, you also need: • Guardian and trustee – if you have kids • Health-care proxy • Living will • Durable power of attorney • Life insurance (term for most) • Disability insurance (especially if you are self-employed)

You can easily do your own will by buying a last will and testament kit at Staples or will program at They aren’t the best but at least it’s something. Just make sure to get it notarized with witnesses and it’s legal. Next time around, you can get one done by an attorney.

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