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Don’t Do It Alone

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

The reason that many women are not dealing with their finances is fear. They are afraid that they will feel not smart or will be intimidated by the investment process or lack of cash. One way to conquer this fear is to find a Money Buddy. It could be as simple as a friend who keeps you accountable. Or you could take a class together “4 WEEKS TO FINANCIAL SANITY” or you could create a fun competitive goal together such as “Who can save $1,000 first”. Just having a friend or family member on your side and working with you will right away propel you to the next level. Before you know it you will start seeing huge results with your money.

Finally, I read about a study that said: “Women are "more collaborative" and "sharing" by nature.” (by Professor Hersh Shefrin, Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University and author of Beyond Greed and Fear). Doesn’t that say it all? Why not embrace our strengths as women and make it beneficial to our pocketbooks?

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