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Do You Rent? 9 Feng Shui Tips That Will Make You Feel Like An Owner

Many of my clients in NYC are not able to own an apartment yet due to the large down payment that is often needed.  To make the most out of your rental, try these Feng Shui tips from Ann Gallops, Open Spaces Feng Shui.

Place the Bagua over a floor plan of your home to understand how the energies are flowing.  When you know how your rental space is mapped you can place artwork, colors and furniture to anchor your intentions and help you take possession of the space.Personalize your home by replacing things that can be switched back easily when you move out.  Adding your own switch plates (see the Discovery of the Month below for more on this), doorknobs, and even toilet seats can go a long way towards making you feel like the place is really yours.Unblock the Chi by taking down unnecessary doors.  Many rentals have doors that go unused or just get in the way.  If you find yourself fighting with doors to closets and hallways, simply take them down and store them away until you move.  You and your Chi will move through your space with greater ease.Keep clutter to a minimum by following the best clutter-clearing and organizing advice you can find.  The more respect you give yourself by keeping the space beautiful and organized, the greater your sense of ownership.

Place furniture using the Command Position. In a rental the Command Position is especially important because you have less control of this space than you would a home you owned.  Placing your bed, couch and desk where you can clearly see the door gives you the sense of power you need to feel safe and secure.Paint with rich colors if you’re allowed to.  Nothing makes a house feel more like home than beautiful, rich colors on the walls.  This is something landlords often object to, but they usually relent when you guarantee that you’ll repaint the walls white when you move.Enhance or create views of nature, and balance the Five

Elements at the same time, by either putting up curtains to frame a great view or hanging landscape art that carries your eye into the distance and distracts you from a not-so-great view.Use mirrors strategically to give depth to narrow, difficult spaces and reflect light and nature.  Be sure to use big, beautiful mirrors that light up the space all by themselves!Have a Feng Shui space-clearing ceremony to cleanse the space and transform any negative energies that might remain from previous tenants.

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