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Do You Receive Your Bills Via Email?

Should you get your bills emailed?

I am as green as the next person and want to save paper. I spend more time each week going through my bills, recycling, shredding... But I always open each and every piece of mail. Many people barely open their bills when they come in the mail so are we going to open the email? Plus, think about all the emails we get that we don't even open.

Do I open every email? I try to but usually don't. Plus I have a fairly strong spam filter so there are always a few that I miss and never know about. I don't know if I feel comfortable enough taking that risk with my finances and credit score. If we pay late, it affects our credit score tremendously.

If you decide to have your bills e-mailed to you, about 270 companies send bills this way. You can opt to receive some bills via e-mail. To see if your creditors participate, go to Let me know what works for you.

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