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De-Stress Your Personal Finance

We just finished the Woman’s Compass Forum. 3 months. Nearly 40 women. 3 different countries. Lots of success stories and testimonials! Our next Woman’s Compass Forum is starting Sept. 8th. Don’t miss the early registration fee! I’ve been teaching about 3 webinars a week and many individual clients during quarantine. The main focus has been helping my clients De-Stress around their Personal Finance. The easiest way to do this is show up! These tips can guide you.

Your Personal Finance Affirmation.

Lots of numbers, facts, to-do lists, articles to read, statements to look at.  But with all that comes a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety. In the Woman’s Compass Forum Michelle shares self-care guidance to help with the personal finance portion. Start with this affirmation. 

“There is always more than enough money in my life.” Life Insurance.

Who needs it? How much do you need? I love this calculator, especially the first question! My overall belief for most of us is if you need it, stick with Term Life Insurance only. Acorns App.

More and more of my clients are using it and loving it! From 18 year old to 80 year old! It allows you to Invest spare change from everyday purchases through Round-Ups. It makes saving as easy as possible and you won’t miss the money. You can pick conservative to aggressive portfolios. Check Your 401k and IRA Beneficiaries Confirm that the beneficiaries on your IRAs, current retirement plans (401k and 403b) and regular taxable accounts are ALL the same and match up to your will. Even if your will isn’t updated (or you don’t have one), make sure you have beneficiaries to start and they are all the same. Want more legal guidance? Check out the legal portion of Woman’s Compass Forum.

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