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Can I Use My Business Credit Card?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

This is a great question I received from SINGLE EDITION.


I am dating a man who is always charging our meals onto his business credit card. I am wondering if this is legal and also if I should be offended by it?


That is very money savvy of you to question the legality of using a business card for personal expenses. He could be using the card based on advice of his accountant or even paying the card off with personal funds. It is hard to say. However, you bring up the point of having open money conversations especially if you are getting serious with this fella. There is nothing wrong with asking him why he is using the business card. I wouldn't bring up the legal issue as it might make him defensive. Instead show him you are interested in his work and understanding the financial part. If he dismisses the question, it might be a warning sign about other areas of the relationship.

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