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Before Year End

I know everyone is saying it, but it really is hard to believe that it is already December. Here are a few quick tips for your money to do before December 31st. One if for those of you working at a corporation and one is for those of you that are business owners, self-employed or freelancers.

If you have a flexible medical spending account at work, don’t forget to use it up. If you don’t, you will lose it! You can get new eyeglasses, schedule a last minute dental cleaning or fill those prescriptions before December 31st.

Self-employed? Bunch your deductible expenses by year-end (including office supplies, cell phone, work events, and training). This will help you maximize your deductions and save more on your taxes. This doesn't mean you have to save money but if you were planning on buying a new printer or cell phone, do it before December 31st. Happy Holidays!

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