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Be Proactive Not Reactive

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The breakthroughs we have seen in the SIMPLY MONEY course are amazing. Some women signed up with the goal of increasing their income. Even in this economy, a few have seen their income increase, new clients and new projects they hadn’t counted on. Plus, women are paying down debt and focusing on savings every week so far. This is just in 6 weeks! Imagine the results in 12?!

One point that came across was being “PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE” about your money. There are unexpected expenses but most of the time we know what we will need to spend, we just don’t make the time for it. Therefore, we spend last minute and spend much more than we would like. One participant was talking about how she spends this way on gifts. The gifts that don’t really matter, she puts off and then spends way too much. However, the gifts that are important to her, she takes the time and ends up spending much less and with much more thought.

Another point that was raised was that there are unexpected expenses and where do they fit into our budget? They don’t! That’s the answer. That is why setting up a savings account is so important so you can manage the unexpected expenses.

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