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Bargains at the Phone and Cable Company?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I highly doubt that Verizon, Time Warner or Comcast has a summer sale. However, there are ways to get better bargain rates from your phone or cable company. A few steps to squeeze more money from them:

- Start by just asking. If you get someone on the phone who is completely uncooperative, just hang up, dial again and speak with someone new. You can also ask for their supervisor. Don’t waste your energy trying to argue with someone who won’t help. You can also ask for the rep who deals with new sign-ups. Even though you aren’t new, tell them you are considering switching companies. They don’t want to lose you!

- Ask for a better rate than what you have or ask if they have any promotions going on. More times than not, they will be able to offer a better rate.

- Bundle your services and get a discount. The phone companies are offering cable and the cable companies are offering phone services. Use one company for both services and get paid for it!

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