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Are You Fab & Fru?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

 I'm writing to let you know about the website I write for called "Fabulous & Frugal: A Girl's Guide to Living Well And Spending Wisely," which is a great tool for living a fabulous life without breaking the bank. Fab & Fru believes you can take control of your finances without sacrificing your style!  Their experts offer fresh ideas about money, fashion, beauty, entertaining and travel that have been featured in major publications as well as NBC and CBS news.  You can sign up for their newsletter at


If not, your time has come…

JOIN the growing number of Fabulous and Frugal women who are taking control of their financial futures without sacrificing their lifestyle!

 Fabulous & Frugal is an online lifestyle and finance magazine for women who aspire to live well and spend wisely. Whether you’re a career girl or supermom, the Fab & Fru reader is obsessed with everything from fashion, entertaining, travel, decorating and green living on a budget.

SIGN UP for Fab & Fru Fridays and receive exclusive tips, deals, and promo codes NOT available on!


- Exclusive Nationwide Deals and Discounts on your favorite brands and products!

- Automatic entry into our fabulous weekly Giveaways!

- A re-cap of our top financial & lifestyle articles that are easy to understand & make managing your money MUCH more manageable!

- A sneak peak at our weekly money etiquette column Cheap vs Frugal!

- And coming this Fall… New York and LA Fab & Fru Finds & Daily Deals!

SIGN UP and you’ll see why women across the country are asking – ARE YOU FAB & FRU?

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