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Are You Chasing the Money?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

As interest rates are going up, I am constantly asked by clients where to find the better rate. There are some great places at there but I will start by saying that it isn’t always worth chasing the highest rate. Sometimes, it is better to be with a bank who provides excellent and easy to use service. That is one of the reasons I personally ING DIRECT. Their rate is competitive (4.5%), a bit lower than some of the other banks but their service is excellent and their website is really really easy to use. Here are some other banks that are providing high interest rates.

FNBO DIRECT introductory rate of 6%. Fidelity has great money markets for over 5%.

Also, if you want to lock in some money for a short period of time, a CD can be a great option. I wouldn’t lock in longer than one year because rates might go up and you don’t want to lock in at a lower rate.

ING 9 Month 5.25%, 12 Month 5.25%

Finally, if you really want to stay on top of every the highest paying rates, you should visit: This blog is dedicated just to finding the highest interest rates on money market accounts, savings accounts, benefits of bank accounts and CDs.

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