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5 Affordable Date Ideas

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Valentine's Day just passed. Let's face it - it definitely causes angst for most of us, single or married. However, that is a separate topic we won't explore right now!

Recently I read an article about affordable activities that resonated with me. Not only was I already doing some of them but they weren't too "budgety" (if you know what I mean). I got some from an article on, called "Classy Dating on a Budget" by Myscha Theriault. I added a few of my own too.

1) Annual Passes to Local  Museums or Zoos. I've been doing this for years. For example: MOMA in NYC. Admission for one is $20. Annual membership is $75 with $5 guest fee. It pays for itself in just 3 visits for a world famous museum!

2) Live Theater. I'm not talking about Broadway or even "Mamma Mia" coming through your town. There are plenty of excellent theatre off-off-Broadway or local theatre groups. I recently discovered Barge Music in Brooklyn - world class musicians for $35 a person. I found it in Time Out.

3) Wine Tasting. Years ago my husband took me to Napa to romance me. We fell in love with exploring vineyards. Napa is a bit far but there are vineyards everywhere: Long Island, Michigan and more. You may not even have to spend a cent.

4) Walking With a Purpose. I liked this one. Usually we just go for a walk but putting a purpose such as checking out a new art gallery or waterfall (if you live near one) sounded realistic.

5) Making a Music CD, Creating an iTunes Playlist or Filling an iPod. Remember the mix tapes from the 80's? I would LOVE this gift!

Do you have an affordable date idea you want to share?

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