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4 Ways to Receive More Money!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Catherine Brophy, the FENG SHUI DETECTIVE gave me amazing suggestions on receiving more money and opening your door to receive it. I have added some of my own money tips as well. One thing I have learned over the years that it is very very important to change our attitude towards money. We still need to implement practical actions but changing our mindset will only increase our financial success. I have seen it over and over!

Good feng shui aligns you with your environment and opens your door for receiving. Who doesn't want more goodies. Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemies, and continually place obstacles in our own way. Drat!

Feng shui, when properly done, results in financial gain, career advancement and more. It’s a great way to help us get out of our own money ways, and open our hands and hearts to receive all the good things in life.

Certainly, money is on everyone’s mind these days. When you live and work in places that feel good, support you and your financial goals in life, and have open spaces to receive, a funny thing happens – you are more successful, happier, healthier, and more authentically YOU.

Here are a few pointers to help you open up receiving in your own Money area:

· Your Money Area is the farthest left-hand corner of your space opposite your main entry door. Keep it clean and clear. A clutter-free area encourages Chi (energy) to flow. Another way to do this is by consolidating your investment and bank accounts to one place like Fidelity or Schwab. Fewer statements, less clutter.

· Make sure everything is in proper working order. Repair squeaky doors and anything else that isn’t operating at peak efficiency. If your money area is in disarray, your money will reflect that. This includes any money systems you might have. If paying your bills the way you do now causes late fees or a feeling of unknown, check out Wesabe or use online banking more.

· Open up space to receive. Make sure nothing blocks the entry. Clear counter-tops, shelves and all visual clutter. Create open space. Keep your financial files organized and have a system. Know where your mutual funds are and a folder to pay bills. A woman in Simply Money had getting organized as one of her goals. Once she did, she starting adding money she didn't think she had to her 401k!

· Attract your wealth. Good lighting activates Chi. Fresh flowers represent wealth. A beautiful piece of art, expensive object or even money can attract more money into your life. I have a picture of my favorite vacation spot on my corkboard. I save money every month for this spot and am motivated to do so knowing when I go, it will be money well spent!

About Catherine Brophy, THE feng shui DETECTIVE, is a feng shui prac.titioner and interior designer. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Domino Magazine, At Home Magazine and The Cincinnati Enquirer as well as in several online publications, including Juli B and She has also been featured in a chapter of Celeste Perron’s book, Playing House: A Starter Guide to Being a Grown Up published by Harper Collins. Catherine can be reached through her website or by calling her office 347-422-0439 or cell 347-886-4006.

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