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10 Tips to Stay Accountable With Money Goals

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

There’s a lot of great information out there. But how do you implement it? Or stay motivated? I’ve given you lots of tips below. It’s not one size fits all so try and few and let me know what works! As this great NY Times article said article says "Accountability works best when it comes from the outside.”

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1) Make Money Fun

I recently found this site: Napkin Finance! It uses graphics and napkins to explain financial topics. ESG Investing (environmental social and governance) is a hot topic as it should be.

2) Take a Class

We know it seems obvious. But if you show up every week in a class, you’ll start to do the homework and take action steps. Small ones. That helps you move forward. Register for our next Woman’s Compass Forum course. Register by January 19 to get the special early bird price. Course starts 2/2/21.

3) Sign up for a Robo-Advisor My favorites these days are: Ellevest, Betterment, and Wealthfront. 4) Make a Money Date This article shares great tips on how to move through difficult conversations. My clients are in relationships and I work with both partners to save more money and do more with their finances! At my recent Woman’s Compass Forum class, we had two couples show up together. Hard conversations were had about money but it strengthened their relationship! 5) Find an Accountability App

There’s a reason I’m so motivated by my Peleton. I want to reach 50 classes. Then 100 classes. I want to beat my output time from last time. Set that up with your finances. This article lists some top Accountability apps.

6) Make it Automatic

Don’t make it so hard for yourself and set up automatic savings. Whether it’s going every month to an online savings account (like or to a mutual fund (Vanguard and Fidelity are my favorites). It also provides dollar cost average and builds wealth in your sleep. More and more of my clients are using Acorns app. Round up your savings!

7) Sign up for a Personal Finance Newsletter Even if you just see the email in your inbox every week, you will be motivated to take one action step!

8) Get Rid of Monthly Subscriptions.

They are costing you more than you know. Clarity Money helps you stop throwing away unused subscriptions by helping you uncover and cancel subscriptions you’re not using.

9) Declare it on Social Media

You don’t have to brag about the $ in your accounts but you can share the little money steps you are taking. Create your positive money community.

10) Reflections Not Resolutions

Look at what worked for you last year and focus on that. For me, by not commuting or traveling, I actually was able to book more clients and teach more classes.

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