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Need Advice on How to Grow Your Business?

Updated: May 13, 2019

Together, We Can Find Solutions To What's Holding You Back.

As you may know, I’ve been working with clients and their finances for more than 20 years as an Independent Personal Finance Expert through Down-to-Earth Finance and working with Entrepreneurs (Women-led) on their businesses.  The last year, I’ve been leading an amazing Accelerator program for Women business owners, designed by Her Corner.

I'm happy to announce that our next Her Corner Accelerator Program is starting on May 11th in NYC. Learn more about this amazing program through a live call on March 22nd at 10:30 EST. Register now to hold your space! 

The common issues we've seen with our clients is that they tend to work alone and need help along the way - with both their personal finances and growing their business. When they receive independent and personal support, they're able to succeed much easier and faster. 

Here are some examples:

1) One of our clients, who was about 10-15 years away from retirement, had savings accounts managed by multiple companies. By consolidating them into one company and picking new index funds, we were able to accurately project how much she needed to save going forward in order to retire on schedule.

2) A Her Corner Member was sharing her frustrations with us about a hard time she was having with a difficult customer.  She didn’t want to lose the business but had altered her pricing and standard service procedures.  After working with the Accelerator Program, she clearly saw that the way forward involved returning to her company’s core values. Read the Full Story here.

3) A client of ours recently saved over $6,000 in three months by allowing us to recreate her budget. By putting her on a structured spending plan coupled with reducing fixed expenses (including analyzing her paycheck), she was able to realize substantial savings!

4) A Her Corner member recently added more than $6,000 in monthly revenue just by working with us! We focused on adjusting her rates and helping her find the time to implement her new marketing plan.

To learn more about the Her Corner Accelerator Group I’m leading in NYC or to receive a personal finance checkup, please email me at

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